Monthly Management Service

We combine all licensing, domain, hosting fee, maintenance and security service into one easy monthly fee. This monthly fee can be increased to include the build cost (instead of one large sum we spread over a period of months).
See below for a breakdown of what could be included.


We work with you to choose the best scale of hosting you need.
For example a small personal resume website will take up minimal hard drive space, have low amount of visitors and would be updated rarely, whereas a Business website with events and shopping function will take up more hard drive space, have high amount of visitors and would be updated regularly.


Domain names (example.com) are paid for in year amounts from a registrar. You need at least one of these.
You might want to buy multiple domain names like name1.com and name2.com or want to have a range of domain suffixes like .nz, .com and .kiwi so no one else can have those domains.
We can organise these for you. If you have your own, we can point your new website to this.


We do not currently offer hosting for emails, but can help set up your emai hosting and accounts with Microsoft, Google or Zoho.


Websites can be hacked, we do our best to limit the changes by securing your website with advance features.
We secure your content by forcing encryption across your website with use of HTTPS and SSL certificates.
If anything does happen, we have back ups of your website that can be reloaded in minutes.


Securing your website is one thing, but WordPress, themes and plugins must be updated to maintain security, speed and the latest features. Sometimes updating creates break points, we make sure this doesn’t happen by testing updates on a staging site before pushing the updates to your live website.


We can link in to your existing Analytic system or set up Google/Bing analytic and web master tools and give you access or set up reports for you to get all the latest day to day information on who is visiting and what they are doing.
All our packages include basic Search Engine Opimisation (SEO) set up. We offer premium hands on reporting and actioning if required.


Depending on your website needs, we may require the use of premium 3rd party software. 

Custom solution for you

Contact us to arrange a custom flexible package for your needs.

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